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If you’ve never bought or sold a property before, the whole idea of conveyancing can be a confusing process. Finding the right property or accepting an offer on your property can be the easy part. What comes next is all that paperwork.

Even if you’re experienced in buying or selling properties, conveyancing can be a time-consuming and costly process. Although there’s no law stating you must employ a conveyancing specialist, one mistake and you can lose your deposit, or—for the vendor—a potential sale.

Here at Conveyonline, our team of experienced conveyancers will guide you through the whole process for one fixed-fee quote. From making or accepting an offer, you never have to leave your home, with our legal experts closely managing the whole process.

What Is the Conveyancing Process?

Conveyancing is an important part of the property exchange for both the vendor and purchaser alike. The conveyancing process is what legally transfers the ownership of a legal land title to a new owner, be it individual persons or entities.

Transferring a property to a new owner can be a lengthy process, which conveyancing generally breaks down into three stages:

  1. 1. Pre-contract
  2. 2. Contract to completion
  3. 3. Settlement or post completion.

A conveyancer will typically do everything which is necessary to ensure you’re prepared for all the critical stages of the process. Basically, your conveyancer makes sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed on all legal contracts.

What Does a Conveyancer Do When Purchasing a House?

Conveyonline’s conveyancing services are comprehensive and include everything needed to transfer the title into your name.

Our legal property experts will:

  • Review the contract of sale.
  • Organise any searches which may be necessary.
  • Provide full written legal advice on the contract of sale and ensure it is legally binding before completion.
  • Calculate any adjustment of rates and taxes, including lodging the stamp duty with the Office of State Revenue.
  • Liaise with your lenders.
  • Settle on your behalf, preparing settlement calculations and ensuring all settlement documents are correct.
  • Advise you when settlement is completed via PEXA, Australia’s online property exchange network.
  • Represent your interests with the vendor or their agent.

What Are Conveyancing Fees?

Conveyancing fees are the monies paid to your legally appointed conveyancer. At Conveyonline we offer a fixed fee quote, with our fee structure clearly explained. Give us a call if you have any questions or want to pick our brains about conveyancing in general.

Or you can use our free online quote tool to get instant access to a fixed fee quote. We want to make sure you know the final price we will charge you, with no hidden extras.

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Our all inclusive fixed free price structure in both affordable and transparent . No last minute suprises.



Our online process saves you time as you don’t need to attend our office and provides greater flexibility.



Our team of conveyancing professionals have close to 20 years combined experience in the industry and are well equipped to handle all types of conveyancing matters.



The combination of our experienced staff and proven systems have resulted in a high accuracy and high quality service offering.

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