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Many of our prospective clients often ask why we only employ licensed conveyancers at conveyonline.com.au. Although a solicitor and conveyancer are equally qualified when it comes to property conveyancing matters, we feel our team of licensed conveyancers is our greatest single asset.

Is a Conveyancer the Same as a Solicitor?

Licensed conveyancers, just like solicitors, must have professional indemnity insurance (PII) and belong to an industry body which sets a professional code of conduct.

The key difference is licensed conveyancers only operate in their area of real property law, referred to as conveyancing. There’s less chance of them being out of the office or in court dealing with other legal issues.

Although a conveyancer’s tertiary study is shorter than that of a solicitor, two years compared to six, it is only in the area of real property law. Compare this to a solicitor who only needs to spend six months on real property law, with conveyancing classed as an optional elective.

Furthermore, a licensed conveyancer must complete two years of supervised practice in conveyancing before being granted their licence. A solicitor doesn’t need to have any practical training or experience of conveyancing once they have qualified to practice law.

Do I Need a Solicitor and a Conveyancer?

In most cases in NSW, a conveyancer is just as qualified to deal with your property transfer matters as a solicitor. Solicitors will have a broader knowledge of the law in general. A good solicitor will advise on legal matters which may relate to the property transfer but go beyond the Conveyancers Licensing Act of 2003.

This could include financial implications, like capital gains tax or property settlements in the case of divorce. If a transaction should become litigious, a licensed conveyancer must refer a client to a solicitor who can handle the dispute.

Is a Conveyancer Cheaper Than a Solicitor?

A solicitor will often charge you by the hour rather than a fixed professional fee. It is generally accepted that a licensed conveyancer will cost you less and it will be the conveyancer doing the work, not a legal clerk or secretary.

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