About Us

Are you a fully licensed conveyancing firm?

Yes. Our firm’s principal conveyancer holds an unrestricted conveyancing license in NSW. You can view these credentials in the following link:

License number: 05001342


Do you have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Yes our firms holds Professional Indemnity Insurance which provides cover up to $5,000,000 for any one claim. So you can rest easy knowing that if something ever did go wrong, it’s fully covered by our insurance.

How long has conveyonline.com.au been established?

Our Firm was established at the beginning of 2014 and was originally known as Connected Conveyancing Online. Due to the growing popularity of our online conveyancing services, we subsequently rebranded our firm to conveyonline.com.au to better align our name with the services we offer.

How experienced are your firm’s conveyancers?

Each of the firm’s conveyancers have varying levels of experience and expertise. Our firm’s principle conveyancer who oversees all matters has over 10 years’ experience in conveyancing and holds an unrestricted license in NSW. So you can rest assured your matter is in safe hands.


What is Conveyancing?

In the context of real estate, conveyancing is the legal process involved to transfer ownership of a property from the seller (Vendor) to a purchaser. Usually each party will instruct a conveyancer to ensure their interests remain protected throughout the process.

What are the origins of conveyancing?

Not really a frequently asked question, but just in case you wanted to know.


Some of the first known principles of conveyancing date back to ancient roman times where the transfer of property required a formal public ceremony. The ceremony included striking a scale with a copper ingot as a token of sale. Without this ancient ritual, no exchange had the sanction or protection of the law.

Should I use a solicitor or a conveyancer to handle my conveyancing matter?

Welcome to the age old argument between solicitors and the conveyancing profession.


In all honesty both are more than capable of performing conveyancing services and both undertake similar training for conveyancing. Solicitors will tell you they are best qualified as they can handle your matter if things go bad. Conveyancers will tell you that they work solely in conveyancing and are thus specialist in that field. We will let you decide what’s best for you

Why should I use a conveyonline.com.au to undertake the conveyancing on my property instead of a solicitor or other conveyancer?

We feel that conveyonline.com.au is the ultimate online conveyancing solution available. We offer our clients a convenient and quality conveyancing service by experienced professionals at an affordable price.

Do I need to have my contract reviewed before I sign?

You should definitely have your contract reviewed prior to signing. Due diligence is an integral part of purchasing a property, from pest & building inspections, to strata reports and finally sale contract reviews. By ensuring you have undertaken proper due diligence, you protect yourself against any unknowns that may exist. See below a few examples of issues that we have encountered upon reviewing contracts. Some are very minor but some are also very serious issues and could have catastrophic implication for an uninformed purchaser.


  • Release of deposit – Seller can spend your deposit before you take ownership of the property. This is common however can be risky if something goes wrong and the seller has already spent your money.
  • Subject to Tenancies – Purchaser was unaware the property was rented out. Meaning they would not have been able to move into the property for several months after purchasing when the lease expired.
  • Caveat on Title – Someone else other than the seller had a registered interest in the property, meaning the purchaser would not have been able to transfer property into their name.

Do I need a contract prepared before listing my home for sale?

Yes! By law you must have a completed contract before you or your real estate agent can even commence advertising your property for sale. conveyonline.com.au can prepare your contract quickly and efficiently and if it’s really urgent, this can be done within 48 hours of your instruction.   

Our Fees

Do you do fixed fee conveyancing?

Absolutely! conveyonline.com.au is home to true fixed fee conveyancing. We provide a simple and competitive flat rate for both buyers and sellers. Our packages are comprehensive and are clearly explained. No hidden costs – what we quote is what you pay us, that’s it.

Why are your prices lower than many other firms?

Simply put, you’re not paying someone’s office overheads. We save money operating online and we pass those savings onto you. Furthermore, our innovative online quoting and service engagement system saves us time and effort which allows us to offer you cheaper fixed fee conveyancing quote.

Does your fixed fee include Disbursements?

Sure does. When we say our fee is all inclusive, that’s exactly what we mean. Our fixed fee conveyancing service includes all those additional disbursements and charges that many companies charge as an extra such as property searches, telephone and postage costs. Get an online conveyancing quote to see a detailed listing of our inclusions.

Do you have any hidden costs in your fees?

There are many conveyancing companies that offer fixed fee conveyancing, however we often find that this only covers their time and excludes many essential items. In some cases, costs such as property searches, agent fees, photocopying and other sundry expenses are charged in addition to their quoted fixed fee. At conveyonline.com.au, we believe this practice to be misleading and that all our fees should be clearly disclosed from the beginning. This means when we quote a fee, we mean it to be all-inclusive. Our fixed fee conveyancing services are comprehensive and the fee structure is clearly explained. We ensure that when you engage our services, you do so with complete knowledge of the final price we will charge you.

Do all firm’s work on a fixed fee?

Unfortunately not. Traditionally conveyancing fees work on a time plus costs basis. Meaning a solicitor or conveyancer might charge you an hourly rate to work on your matter plus any disbursements or incidental expenses they incur whilst completing your matter. This fee structure is great for the person charging the fees, but not so good for the one who’s paying them. These days however, due to increased competition in the market, many more firms are adopting a fixed fee pricing structure which is great to see.

Why do we require an initial payment upfront?

For buyers and sellers using our services, an initial payment is required prior to us commencing work on your matter. For someone purchasing property, this fee covers the initial costs to review your contract and provide you legal advice. If you’re selling property, our initial fee covers the cost to prepare your contract of sale. In each case this initial fee is included in our total fixed fee conveyancing cost.

How much does conveyancing costs?

Our conveyancing fees vary depending on the type of property you’re buying or selling and its location. To find a fixed fee conveyancing package to suit your property, simply use our online conveyancing quote system and you can instantly view your fixed fee package quote on screen. You can also email to yourself for later or GET STARTED instantly, it’s up to you.


Your firm provides ONLINE conveyancing, what does that mean?

Our online conveyancing service means that you will not need to attend our office and that all our communications will occur online via email or by telephone. The actual conveyancing process we undertake however is very similar to what would be done by most other traditional conveyancing services, except that you get the added benefits of convenience and lower cost with our service.

What locations do you service?

Our firm’s online conveyancing service covers the entire state of NSW. Because we operate online, this allows us to conduct conveyancing services for properties and clients that reside in any location. In fact, our services have been very popular in many regional areas where very few conveyancing options exists locally or are very expensive.

How does your service differ from more traditional conveyancing services?

conveyonline.com.au seeks to offer a modern take on traditional property conveyancing services. By operating solely online, we are able to offer many benefits to our clients. Furthermore, our business model is underpinned by our unique all inclusive fixed fee pricing structure which includes everything you need to complete the whole process.

Do we need to visit your office?

Absolutely not, our convenient and time saving online process is perfect for the busy individual or people who are located in other areas. Only in exceptional circumstances would you be required to attend our office. Not that we don’t want to see you, don’t get the wrong idea now.

Will my matter be looked after by an experienced and licensed professional?

Yes! Each and every matter is overseen by an experienced and fully licensed conveyancer to ensure you matter goes smoothly and without incident.