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Fixed Fee Conveyancing

At we offer true flat fee conveyancing. Many other firms claim to offer fixed fee conveyancing, but often their final bill will include extras charged in addition to their original quote. This could be anything from property searches to telephone or postage costs.

Here at, we believe that fixed fee quotes mean fixed, with no hidden extras. What we say is what you pay—it’s as simple as that. When we provide a quote, it’s for the whole comprehensive conveyancing process and all the costs involved, not just our time and expertise.

What is Fixed Price Conveyancing?

In the past, conveyancing was performed on a time plus cost basis. You paid a solicitor or conveyancer an hourly rate to work on your property conveyancing and be charged for any disbursements or incidental expenses incurred.

Great for the person charging the fees, not so great for the person paying them.

Fixed professional legal fees are classified as the money paid to a conveyancing service for anything which falls in the work scope of conveyancing. This fee will pay for the solicitors or conveyancers and support teams’ work time, rent and electricity.

By law, conveyancers are required to provide you with a written quotation of all the fees and charges relating to your conveyancing transaction. You should always ask whether there are any other costs which may arise that aren’t included in the quote.

With more competition in the conveyancing market, many firms are now switching to a fixed pricing structure, which is great for you, the customer.

How Much Should You Pay For Conveyancing?

Conveyancing fees will vary, depending on whether you’re buying or selling a property, and its location. In Australia, the value of a property won’t affect your conveyancing quote. It’s the same for a residential property of $250,000 as one of $3,000,000.

An authoritative fee comparison site recently found conveyancing fees in NSW will range from $500 to $1200.

The online process at means we avoid paying the high office overheads and support staff costs of other legal firms. We pass those savings on to you, with a cheaper online fixed price conveyancing quote.

What Does a Conveyancer Do for the Buyer?

At Conveyonline, a team of experienced conveyancers will handle all the legal paperwork and searches, from the pre-contract stage through to a final settlement.

At every stage of the process, full legal written advice will be provided—in clear, easy to understand, plain English—no unnecessary legal jargon.

Throughout the process, our property law experts can inform you of your options and calculate any final adjustments for settlement. A Conveyonline conveyancer will oversee the entire process through to completion, never just a legal clerk.

Get an online conveyancing quote today with our no-obligation, fixed fee online quote tool. You can either get in touch immediately or email it to your desktop for later consideration.

At, we believe all our fees should be fully transparent and clearly disclosed at the beginning of the conveyancing process.



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Our all inclusive fixed free price structure in both affordable and transparent . No last minute suprises.



Our online process saves you time as you don’t need to attend our office and provides greater flexibility.



Our team of conveyancing professionals have close to 20 years combined experience in the industry and are well equipped to handle all types of conveyancing matters.



The combination of our experienced staff and proven systems have resulted in a high accuracy and high quality service offering.

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Our all inclusive fixed fee conveyancing packages are comprehensive and are clearly explained. No hidden costs – what we quote is what you pay us, that’s it.

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