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If it’s your first time buying a home, you may not be too familiar with what a conveyancer actually does. You’ve probably been requested to give the details of your conveyancer to your agent and maybe looked blank—why do I need one of them, what does the conveyancer do that I can’t do?

Unless you are a legal expert or have plenty of time on your hands, you will need the best professional conveyancing service. Our team of professional, PEXA certified conveyancers at Conveyonline have all the expertise to handle buying or selling your property for you.

Why do You Need a Conveyancer?

Conveyancing is an absolute necessity when buying or selling a property. Our conveyancers at Conveyonline can ensure all legal obligations are met when you are transferring the title of a property between two parties. From the initial contract of sale to a settlement, our experienced conveyancers are there to protect your interests.

Our team of conveyancers will closely manage your online conveyancing process, explaining the importance of each step clearly. No more legal jargon — full written legal advice is provided in easy to understand, plain English.

Do You Really Need a Conveyancer?

Both buyers and sellers have legal obligations under the contract of sale and are recommended to use a professional conveyancing service. You could always try to save yourself a few hundred bucks and do it yourself, but are the risks worth it?

As a buyer, you will normally be required to pay a non-refundable deposit, which you could lose if a mistake is made in the conveyancing process. And as a vendor, a potential legal issue which is overlooked could cost you a sale. Our conveyors at Conveyonline will ensure all necessary reports for your legal obligations are carried out.

What Searches Does a Conveyancer Do?

A prime example of the search a conveyor can undertake on your behalf is the title search, to ensure the property belongs to the seller. This can also confirm if there are debts on the property, or other liabilities.

Other searches can include:

  • Local authority and planning searches
  • Structural searches.
  • Pest report.
  • Strata for apartments to check whether the building is running at a loss.

The mandatory searches must be attached to the contract of sale by the vendor, while other searches will need to be organised by the buyer’s conveyancer. When buying, you won’t necessarily need all the searches and can instruct Conveyonline’s team of legal professionals to carry out which ones you need.

To find out why a conveyancer will save you both time and money in the long run, contact Conveyonline today for a free online fixed fee conveyancing quote.

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