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Conveyonline helps all buyers and sellers in the popular seaside town of Wollongong with affordable conveyancing solutions. Our team of Wollongong conveyancers are waiting for you to get in touch for a no-obligation fixed fee conveyancing quote.


  • Fixed Fee Conveyancing Wollongong. NO HIDDEN COSTS. A transparent pricing structure ensures you only ever pay what we quote.

  • Time-Saving and Convenient Online Process. There’s no need for you to spend time travelling to our offices or filling in tedious paperwork. Conveyonline will complete all the legal paperwork and third-party correspondence.

  • A Team of Professional Conveyancers. Our Wollongong conveyancers have over 20 years of combined experience and are all fully qualified and certified by PEXA.

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Wollongong Conveyancing Services

If you’re buying or selling a property in or around Wollongong, you are going to need an affordable conveyancing package. Our experienced conveyancers will provide a fixed fee conveyancing solution.

Use our online quote tool to receive instant access to your quote, with just a few simple details needed. We can get started today, or simply email the quote to yourself for later consideration. is a one-stop destination for all property and conveyancing matters. Our team of experienced conveyancing specialists will manage your property transaction from start to finish.

Use our online quote at any time, 24 hours a day, for instant access to your FREE no-obligation fixed fee conveyancing Wollongong quote. Unlike other companies which may offer cheap conveyancing Wollongong services, Conveyonline is a solely conveyancing firm who will devote more time to your property matters.

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Wollongong Conveyancing Services

Buying a Property in Wollongong

Whether it’s an existing property, buying off plan, a commercial venture or simply buying a piece of land, our Wollongong conveyancers will meet all your conveyancing needs.

Our team of professional conveyancers will protect your interest from the start by reviewing the contract of sale and providing you with comprehensive legal advice. Conveyonline conveyancers will also order and review any building reports for the property.

Post-exchange, we complete all relevant searches and lodge your stamp duty. We will also liaise with your lender, prepare the settlement calculations and complete the property transfer for settlement.

Selling a Property with Conveyonline

Our affordable conveyancing Wollongong package ensures your interests are protected throughout the whole process of selling.

Our fast and efficient contract review will prepare your contract of sale for you, including any special conditions you may need inserting. The sooner your contract is prepared, the sooner you can list your property for sale.

Any negotiations with potential purchasers and your mortgagee are carried out by our team of professional conveyancers.

Settlement, in all cases of selling or buying a property, is completed electronically using PEXA, Australia’s online property exchange network. Our affordable conveyancing service ensures all settlement documents are correct and we will advise you once the settlement is complete.

Get Your No Obligation Fixed Price Quote

Using our online quote tool, you’ll get instant access to an affordable conveyancing Wollongong quote. Get in touch with our team of Wollongong conveyancers at for a fixed price conveyancing solution. You only pay what we say in the quote.



Our all inclusive fixed free price structure in both affordable and transparent . No last minute suprises.



Our online process saves you time as you don’t need to attend our office and provides greater flexibility.



Our team of conveyancing professionals have close to 20 years combined experience in the industry and are well equipped to handle all types of conveyancing matters.



The combination of our experienced staff and proven systems have resulted in a high accuracy and high quality service offering.

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Find a Fixed Fee Conveyancing Package for your property in three easy steps.

  • 1Property Details – Tell us about the property and where it’s located.
  • 2Your Details – Tell us a little about you so we know who we’re dealing with.
  • 3View Package Quote – Instantly View fixed fee package quote on screen. You can email to yourself for later or GET STARTED instantly, it’s up to you.

Our all inclusive fixed fee conveyancing packages are comprehensive and are clearly explained. No hidden costs – what we quote is what you pay us, that’s it.

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Want to track the progress of your conveyancing matter in real time? We’ve got an app for that!

The Conveyonline app allows you to track the progress of your matter in real time. Get instant notifications when key milestones are achieved, view a timeline of events leading up to settlement and many other great features. Download the app today.

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